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Stop worrying about money! Stop worrying about how your children will be able to make it in the future. With the economy on a teeter totter and people losing money it took them decades to aquire, you like most people are looking for some answers. On these 2 videos you are going to get behind the scenes access as Myron Golden (best selling author of “From The Trash Man To The Cash Man”) teaches his son the same secrets that have produced multi-million dollar results for himself and his clients.

You no longer have to wish you were a “fly on the wall” as rich people teach their children about money. You can be sitting in the same room. Myron Golden is one of the world’s top business and marketing consultants and his son A.C. is a film maker. So when Myron had “the money talk” with A.C. he got the idea to make a video of it. If you were to contact Myron and get him to sit down and teach you this one-on-one it would cost you $2000, but because his son got the idea to video tape the session and turn it into a training program, you are able to get access to this information.  

Don’t just order this program. Order it and watch it over and over with your entire family. Once you place your order, you will be taken to a page where you will be prompted to create a username and password. Once you enter your username and password you will be logged in and you can either watch the videos on the website or you can download them and watch them on your computer. If you download the videos they will play faster (you won’t have to wait for the videos to load into memory before they play).

As a bonus for taking advantage of this offer, you will also receive 1 free ticket to Myron Golden’s “One Year Millionaire Live” event. This is a $1297 value.

My videos regularly sell for $97 each, but you are going to get a 50% discount which means you will get both of these videos for only $97 as long as you order by 3/22/14.

You get all this for the low, low price of only $97


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