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Positive Reminder

02 Nov

There are multiple ways to be deceived, one can refuse to believe the truth or one can willingly accept a lie that they want to be the truth. But remember this, this sky is no less blue because the blind man cannot see it. And the grass is no less green because the stubborn man will not see it!

About Myron Golden

01 Nov

Myron Golden is a dynamic business trainer and success coach and author; he has over 27 years of experience in the marketing and sales arena.

Myron is in high demand as a speaker and trainer in the areas of sales, marketing, business development and financial literacy. Myron is also a best selling author, a songwriter and the owner of a record label.

Myron has students that are making tens of thousands of dollars per month. And he can show anyone how to turn his or her passion into profits. He teaches everyday people to become wealthy often using skills they already have.

Now he is ready to teach you how to duplicate his success.

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Blessed By Design For Your Destiny

10 Apr

God always gives you the capability before he gives you the command. He gives you the ability before the assignment. Never say to people “I can’t, say to God, how can I? And you will be amazed at what God does in you, through you and for you! Go out into the world and live boldly!

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