How I Used Hormone Replacement Therapy In Tampa, FL To Lose 35 Pounds This Year!

26 Sep

I am really glad to be able to share with you

4 secrets to me losing 35 lbs this year…

I did it without a gym membership or a crazy diet…

There are 4 secrets and1 secret weapon that

have helped me get in the best shape of my

adult life.

Here they are (I am going to save the “Secret

Weapon” for last with a link to a video. And

as hard as it may be for you to beleive, I don’t

have anything for sale on the video or in this


I just thought, maybe I am not the only one

who has had a struggle getting in shape after

a certain age.

By the way, I am actually 61 pounds lighter

than my heaviest weight.

So here are the 4 secrets + the “Secret Weapon”.

1. Move More! You have to do some kind of consistant

work out plan.

2. Eat less! Eat less (especially the bad stuff).

3. Get A Fitbit and start competing with people

4. Use the “My Fitness Pal App and measure everything

you put in your body.

This last thing that I am going to share with you took

all of those other things to a whole new level.

I reveal it in a YouTube Video

After you watch the video please like it and

leave me a comment.

Here is your link to the video

Click To See This Video

If you want to see what I looked like 35 to 60 pounds

heavier check out my Facebook Page

This Blog Post Was Written By Myron Golden

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